Course Readers – Frequently Asked Questions

Course Readers – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a course reader?

Course readers or course packets are an abridged version of your reading material for the semester. Your professor has chosen articles, charts and specific reading passages out of a textbook. These pieces are then compiled into one reading packet for your convenience.

Why do I need my course reader?

There are several benefits to a course reader:

  1. It’s more affordable than buying an entire textbook when only a segment of it is needed.
  2. Your professor has gone through the material and has planned to use every part of it during the course.
  3. It’s cost-effective. We use high quality paper and plastic to build your course reader so that studying is as convenient as possible.

Why does it cost so much?

Because the content of course readers is copyrighted, there is a fee that needs to be paid for these course readers to be made available for you. Sometimes these fees are larger than others and sometimes the readers are larger than others, which mean that the cost varies accordingly. It still beats buying a $300 textbook that you use once, right?

 Why is there a new course reader for the same class every semester?

Professors may change the material they use during the semester as they teach the course over and over again. He or she may decide to take certain pieces out and insert new ones. For this reason, all course readers are final sale. There are no exceptions.

Why is my course reader packaged differently than others?

 Course packets come in different sizes. Some are only twenty pages long, while others can be well over 200. Some course readers are spiral-bound, comb-bound, loose-leaf, three-hole-punched or put in a white folder. Your professor determines how the course reader is packaged. Most likely, he or she chose this because of the way the class will be conducted.

 Why is my course reader unavailable?

There may be a couple reasons why your course reader is unavailable.

Your professors design the course readers then submit the final version to us for printing and assembly. If your professor has not gotten around to it yet, we can’t start the printing process. Even if class has started, don’t worry. If this is the case, your professor already knows you won’t have the material.

Another reason why your reader may be unavailable is because we don’t have it. We aren’t the only ones printing course readers. Double-check your syllabus to ensure that yours is from Otherwise, you may want to check the campus bookstore for more results.


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